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Yahoo SiteBuilder is an application that allows you to generate complete and functional web pages in an easy way, without any effort or knowledge of HTML programming.

It includes more than 300 different templates, completely configurable, that can be modified with only a few mouse clicks. It's also possible to start to construct the site from scratch.

With Yahoo SiteBuilder, special effects can be included in your website, like images that bounce on the screen, transitions between pages or text balloons that follow the mouse. The 'Paypal' and donations buttons can also be included.

One of the most interesting features of the program is its complete tutorial, where all the functions of the program are explained in detail, converting it that way in an application suitable for all audiences.

If you have never made a website before, then now is the time. Yahoo SiteBuilder generates the structure of the pages automatically. Creating a menu, introducing an image or adding a link has never been this easy.

Yahoo Site Builder requires Java RunTime Environment 5.0 (that will be installed at the same time as the program).

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